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Gain essential insights into the theories, concepts and ideas of the world’s greatest thinkers and organisations

Insights brings together more than 5,000 concisely-conveyed and actionable ideas on topics that are central to business and life beyond it, including:

  • Innovation
  • People Management
  • Marketing 
  • Negotiation
  • Decision making
  • Wellbeing
  • Investing
  • Stoicism
  • Enterprise sales
  • Product development
  • Recruitment
  • Learning


Insights brings together a collection of ideas gained over more than a decade working in venture capital and a lifetime of voracious reading and self-education. The book can be thought of as a type of hybrid: part literature review, part guide, part memoir, distilling the essence of widely-applicable theories, ideas and techniques, gained either first hand or through other sources, into concise generalisations (or ‘insights’) that can be used as guides to inform approaches to many aspects of business and life.

The purpose of Insights is to convey as much useful information as efficiently as possible, with none of the ‘padding’ or repetition so common in business writing. Consequently, the majority of the book comprises concise, stand-alone concepts, examples or quotes. These are grouped thematically and can be consumed in sequence or isolation.

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  • Introduction
  • Innovation
    • Sources of Innovation
    • Assessing Ideas
    • Fostering Innovation
    • Barriers to innovating
    • Diffusion
    • Joint Ventures
    • First Mover (Dis)advantage
    • Risk of Disruption
    • Product Development
    • Customer Feedback
  • People
    •  Recruiting
    • Motivation
    • Remuneration
    • Employee Effectiveness
    • Leavers / Redundancy
    • Team Building
    • Training
    • Welfare
    • Company Culture
    • Leadership
    • Managing
    • Board        


  • Sales & Marketing
    • Identifying targets
    • Reaching targets
    • Messaging
    • Brand Building
    • Promotions
    • Ongoing Customer Engagement
    • Sales Process
    • Sales Strategy
    • Sales Partnerships
    • Sales Staff
    • Selling to Large Organisations
    • Sales Techniques
    • Advertising / PR
  • Strategy & Operations
    • Developing strategy
    • Driving growth
    • Competition
    • Business model
    • Pricing
    • Markets
    • Financial management
    • Environmental, social and governance issues


  • Investing
    • Developing strategy
    • Assessing opportunities
    • Managing investments
    • Risks
    • Deal structure
    • Raising money
    • Company assessment
  • Life Skills
    • Productivity                 
    • Achieving goals
    • Negotiation
    • Learning
    • Reasoning
    • Decision making
    • Persuasion
    • Speaking
    • Relationships               
  • Wellbeing
    • Happiness
    • Approach to life
    • Approach to other people
  • Bibliography

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25 % of any profits made will be donated to Unicef. 

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The intention is that this will be an ongoing project, with the text updated annually to incorporate new learning and improve upon the clarity and utility of the existing material. There is no doubt that the results of this process would be dramatically improved with the input of as wide a range of people as possible, and so it is anticipated that curated crowd-sourced material will be included in future editions.

Please do get in touch with anything interesting that you think should be included in the next update.

For contributions, questions, comments or anything else, please email info@1000insights.com